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Interview With Rabi Gupta,
EvaBot CEO

Rabi is changing the way companies demonstrate their thoughtfulness, helping them to deeply engage their customers and employees. His company, EvaBot, is powered by Artificial Intelligence that is used to obtain personal and actionable data for making better business decisions. AI is the super-charged “brain” behind thoughtfulness!

EvaBot is a unique, emotionally intelligent gifting relationship solution. It enables companies to accelerate their key relationships, increase growth, and gain a competitive advantage.

With a platform built to generate emotional engagement, and the ability to collect actionable intelligence, EvaBot is the new standard. It amplifies the customer and employee experience, creates an unforgettable journey for the recipient, and provides valuable insight for every company.

Listen to the podcast here.


Allison K. Summers
Podcast Host
Disruptive CEO Nation
Rabi Gupta
CEO, EvaBot